The current way many businesses manage their expenses can be very difficult if you are trying to keep the books in order. Lost & unreadable receipts, ‘lost’ petty cash, unattributed spend, misclassied items, the need to reimburse staff promptly… it can all lead to a lot of time spent on something that just shouldn’t be that complex.

aio* enables you simple access to all spend by individual or team, validated by the bank & with digital receipts & tags already in place. Simply export the data when you need to your accounting software or accounts team.

Top aio* benefits for you:

  1. No late reports – spend logged in real time so no need to chase people to submit reclaims
  2. No unmarked & lost receipts – receipts are attached to the right transaction at POS; no need trying to decipher damaged receipts or estimate foreign currency reclaims
  3. No unattributed spend – all spend directly linked to user, time and project. No issues with ‘lost’ petty cash,
  4. No manual data entry – spend data 100% accurate as directly provided by the bank
  5. Accountant ready – simple to export expense spend to your accounting system


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