Managing business expenses can be challenging: thanks to lost or unreadable receipts, lost petty cash, unattributed spend, and misclassified items.

aio* offers you easy access to all spend by individual or team, validated by the bank and with digital receipts already in place. What’s more, aio* is already integrated with the popular Xero software, for even easier workflow management.

Top aio* benefits for bookkeepers:

  1. No more late reports – expenses logged in real time means no more time wasting chasing reclaims
  2. No more unmarked or lost receipts – receipts neatly attached to the right transactions via digital image or PDF
  3. No more unattributed spend – all spend clearly linked to user, time and project
  4. No more manual data entry – spend data is 100% accurate, directly from the bank

Accountant ready – quick and easy exporting to your accounting system. Fully integrated with Xero


Find out how aio* helps the rest of your team too: