Managing team expenses can be tricky. Whether it’s monitoring budgets, keeping track of spend, or chasing expense reports and querying reclaim – your time could be much better spent.

aio* brings peace of mind while supporting your team’s success. Approve budget requests or transfer funds instantly anytime, anywhere. Track real time spending by project or team, while keeping full control of cash flow.

Top benefits of aio* for managers:

  1. Delegate purchasing – quickly transfer funds to the right person at the right time
  2. Oversee total budget – stay in control with upfront budgeting and real time oversight of spend
  3. No more manual expense reports – means no more chasing receipts or nasty month-end surprises
  4. Simplify management for distributed teams – help them do their jobs while keeping control – wherever they are in the world
  5. Smart data insight – use historic data from other projects to improve estimates and budget smarter


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