As CEO you are ultimately responsible for the success of your organisation. You need to own the vision, provide the right resources, build the culture, make good decisions & oversea and deliver the company’s performance. No small task!

With aio* not only can you reduce company risk, build a better spending culture for your teams, but it also gives you far greater insight into the holistic spend of your company right down to the last pencil & cup of coffee. This insight allows you to make better business decisions and ultimately increase the chances of your business success.

Top aio* benefits for you:

  1. Reduce company risk – no personal liability with prepaid cards
  2. Increase oversight of spend – real time spend reporting so you can track cashflow in real time & approved budgets give you better forecast capabilities
  3. Increase insight into spend – connect your spend with business activities to truly understand the ROI of expenses & identify opportunities to make your money work harder for you
  4. Streamline processes – reduce admin without losing control. Delegate approval authority but still keep track over overall approvals & actual spend.
  5. Happier teams – less time spent on admin and never being out of pocket makes your team happier