Managing team expenses can be tricky. Whether it’s monitoring budgets, keeping track of spend, or chasing expense reports and querying reclaim – your time could be much better spent.

For employees

  1. Your own individual card – no more waiting for approval before making a purchase
  2. Your spending approved upfront – gain confidence from clear expectations and knowing you’re within budget
  3. No more manual data entry – capture real time transactions from the bank. Never submit an expense report again
  4. No more lost receipts – snap an image on the go, then bin the paper
  5. Never be out of pocket again – no need to wait for, or chase any more reimbursements

For team leaders

  1. Delegate purchasing – quickly transfer funds to the right person at the right time
  2. Oversee total budget – stay in control with upfront budgeting and real time oversight of spend
  3. No more manual expense reports – means no more chasing receipts or nasty month-end surprises
  4. Simplify management for distributed teams – help them do their jobs while keeping control – wherever they are in the world
  5. Smart data insight – use historic data from other projects to improve estimates and budget smarter

For bookkeepers

  1. No more late reports – expenses logged in real time means no more time wasting chasing reclaims
  2. No more unmarked or lost receipts – receipts neatly attached to the right transactions via digital image or PDF
  3. No more unattributed spend – all spend clearly linked to user, time and project
  4. No more manual data entry – spend data is 100% accurate, directly from the bank
  5. Accountant ready – quick and easy exporting to your accounting system. Fully integrated with Xero

For office managers

  1. Free up your time – no more chasing receipts and expense forms
  2. Cut down on tedious admin – make expenses one less thing to worry about
  3. Keep your team happy – quicker reimbursements with minimal chasing

For financial managers

  1. Upfront budgeting – take control of your spend profile and cash flow
  2. Stay within budget – keep spending in check by setting fixed budgets
  3. Track spend in real time – no more of those nasty end of month surprises
  4. Monitor total spend – audit trail creates accountability, reducing maverick spend and eliminating fraud
  5. Smart insight into data – analyse spend to spot new ways to make savings

For operations managers

  1. Reduce risk – no more sharing credit cards or handling cash
  2. Convenient mobile solution – support your team anywhere, any time
  3. Track spend in real time – no more of those nasty end of month surprises
  4. Cut admin time and costs – no more time wasted filling in reclaim reports or chasing information
  5. Streamline processes – seamlessly manage all expenses

For CEOs

  1. Increase oversight of spend – achieve better forecasting capability with approved budgets, and track cash flow in real time
  2. Increase spend insight – connect spend with business activities to build detailed understanding of expense ROI, while spotting new opportunities to make your money work harder
  3. Reduce company risk – prepaid cards mean no personal liability
  4. Streamline processes – reduce admin without losing control. Delegate approval authority while keeping track of actual spend
  5. Have happier teams – with less admin time and never being out of pocket