We all know managing expenses can be painful, but often team members experience different frustrations with current processes. aio* offers a solution that works for everyone across your team:


aio* for employees

  1. Individual card – no waiting for someone else to be around before you can make a purchase
  2. Spend approved upfront – clarity of expectations & know you’re within budget
  3. No manual data entry – transactions captured in real time from the bank so you never need to submit an expense report again!
  4. No hunting for lost receipts – snap a picture on the go & bin the paper
  5. Never out of pocket – no need to wait for, or chase reimbursements ever again


aio* for managers

  1. Delegate purchasing – quickly transfer funds to the right person at the right time, no need to be there in person
  2. Total budget oversight – upfront budget control & real time oversight of spend keeps you in control & your team happy
  3. No manual expense reports – everything is captured in real time so no nasty month end surprises & no need to chase people for receipts
  4. Simple management for distributed teams – no matter where your team is, help them do their job without losing control
  5. Smart data insight – use historic data from other projects to proactively improve project estimates & budgeting


aio* for book keepers & office managers

  1. No late reports – spend logged in real time so no need to chase people to submit reclaims
  2. No unmarked & lost receipts – receipts are attached to the right transaction at POS; no need trying to decipher damaged receipts or estimate foreign currency reclaims
  3. No unattributed spend – all spend directly linked to user, time and project. No issues with ‘lost’ petty cash,
  4. No manual data entry – spend data 100% accurate as directly provided by the bank
  5. Accountant ready – simple to export expense spend to your accounting system


aio* for Operations Managers

  1. Reduced risk – no more shared cards or handling cash
  2. Mobile solution – solution for distributed workforce so you can support the team anywhere, any time
  3. Saved time – no need for teams to waste time filling in reclaim reports, or have admin team chase people for missing or incorrect information
  4. Streamlined processes – seamlessly manage expenses from budgeting, spending to reporting
  5. Reduced admin costs – team spends less time on administrative processes so they can get back to working on the important stuff, making your business successful


aio* for Financial Managers

  1. Upfront budgeting – control your spend profile & cashflow proactively
  2. Never out of budget – people cannot spend more than authorised so you can keep a tight rein on spending
  3. Real time spend oversight – keep track of your spend & cashflow in real time; no nasty end of month surprises
  4. Total visibility of spend – audit trail gives total visibility and accountability reducing maverick spend and eliminating fraud
  5. Smart insight into data – Ability to track and analyse all tail spend & identify areas for group savings


aio* for CEOs

  1. Reduce company risk – no personal liability with prepaid cards
  2. Increase oversight of spend – real time spend reporting so you can track cashflow in real time & approved budgets give you better forecast capabilities
  3. Increase insight into spend – connect your spend with business activities to truly understand the ROI of expenses & identify opportunities to make your money work harder for you
  4. Streamline processes – reduce admin without losing control. Delegate approval authority but still keep track over overall approvals & actual spend.
  5. Happier teams – less time spent on admin and never being out of pocket makes your team happier