Accurate Information When You Need It; No Chasing Required

Financial considerations underpin all your major business decisions. To help you chart the best course, you need clear budget planning along with full understanding of how financial decisions will affect your bottom line.

Keeping on top of your bookkeeping ensures your financial decisions are based on accurate financial information. Lost, or unreadable receipts, lost petty cash, unattributed spend, and misclassified items impact that accuracy, but not if you are using aio*. 

aio* makes your financial life easier. Accurate information, by individual or by team, that is already validated by your bank and has digital receipts saved into Xero makes for far easier workflow management.

With accurate information available for when you need it, you can spend more time covering high value tasks like strategic analysis, monitoring and interpreting cash flow, predicting trends, or giving financial advice.


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Benefits for Financial Managers

* UPFRONT BUDGETING – take control of your spend profile and cash flow

* STAY WITHIN BUDGET – keep spending in check by setting fixed budgets

* TRACK SPEND IN REAL-TIME – no more of those nasty end of month surprises

* MONITOR TOTAL SPEND – reduce maverick spend and eliminate fraud

* SMART INSIGHT INTO DATA – analyse spend to spot new ways to make savings

Benefits for Bookkeepers

* NO MORE LATE REPORTS – expenses logged in real time; no time wasting chasing reclaims

* NO MORE UNMARKED/LOST RECEIPTS – receipts attached to the right transactions

* NO MORE UNATTRIBUTED SPEND – all spend clearly linked to user, time and project

* NO MORE MANUAL DATA ENTRY – spend data is 100% accurate, directly from the bank

* ACCOUNTANT READY – Download budget and expense reports as .csv or connect to Xero.