Keep in control of charity budgets

aio* is a great solution for charities. You can provide volunteers and staff their own business MasterCards. There is no minimum balance, so you can move money on and off the cards as needed to help your team deliver your service. Using cards reduces the risk of managing cash, streamlines admin processes and means staff don’t have to pay out of pocket

How it works

Give an aio* card to each team member.

You can give an aio* card to anyone in your organisation – permanent staff or volunteers. When someone needs money to complete a project or event they can make a request for budget or you can assign funds. Cards can be used online, in store or at ATMs and are much more secure than using cash.

Preapprove budgets & delegate project approval to other managers

Set budgets for individuals or teams. You can delegate spend authority to project manager or team lead so they can make decisions and approve spend, but you still stay in control of overall budgets. Instant fund transfers can put money in peoples hands in seconds, so your team is empowered to do their job without having to wait to borrow a card or pay for charity expenses out of their own pocket.

Track and manage all spend centrally

Your staff can purchase securely and simply to make your charity successful without you losing track of total spend. As they purchase they can use the mobile app to keep spend up to date on the go (adding receipts and tagging purchases). This means they never need to spend time on unnecessary admin submitting expense reports or waiting to be reimbursed. It also means your central team can save time as they don’t need to follow up on late reports or missing receipts

Make your money work harder for you

Because you have detailed spend information across all team and projects you can delve into the data and identify areas for potential saving so you can make better use of your budget.