aio* was created from frustration. How could a process that should be simple be such a pain?! We run businesses too and feel the pain that bad processes and bad technologies can have on your efficiency, bottom line and even happiness. Everything we do here at aio* is designed to make your business life easier.

Short term aio* will make business administration cheaper, better and faster with data and service at the core connecting customers and financial services seamlessly. Longer term we see this as a starting point for how broader changes could be effected in the industry and what that might mean for business banking, particularly for service based companies.

Our mission

  • Radically redesign business services, making administration cheaper, better and faster for small businesses and teams
  • Always design with simplicity for users in mind and seamlessly integrate with all your other business tools.
  • Free up money, resources and attention to help put it back to the really important work. Your Business