The success of your organisation is your responsibility. You own the vision, build culture, provide resources, make smart decisions and oversee the company’s performance. That’s no small task!

aio* helps you reduce risk and build a better spending culture for your business. It also gives you detailed insight into overall spend. With this knowledge, you can improve business decisions and increase the chances of success.

Top aio* benefits for CEOs:

  1. Increase oversight of spend – achieve better forecasting capability with approved budgets, and track cash flow in real time
  2. Increase spend insight – connect spend with business activities to build detailed understanding of expense ROI, while spotting new opportunities to make your money work harder
  3. Reduce company risk – prepaid cards mean no personal liability
  4. Streamline processes – reduce admin without losing control. Delegate approval authority while keeping track of actual spend

Have happier teams – with less admin time and never being out of pocket