The convenient thing about aio* being available on mobile phones, is that it makes it a much more flexible budget management tool.

You can be out and about during the day and still get budget request notifications from team members, which you can then approve or decline.

TIP: Remember to enable all notifications from aio* on your phone, so that you don’t miss any requests from your team members!

Watch the video or follow the written instructions below to learn how to approve/deny requests.



  • Log into aio*



  • If there is a request awaiting approval, a red flag will appear by the “REQUESTS”tab on the specific budget


  • A  flag will also appear on the “Requests” button on the menu footer


  • Tap on either  the “Requests” at the bottom of the screen or on “REQUESTS” by the budget to view the requests page



  • Tap on the pending request to view it



  • You can now view the request details



  • Before approving or declining the request, you can also write a message to the user



  • Now you can tap on either the “APPROVE” or “DECLINE” buttons



  • Once your approval has been processed…



  • …it’ll show up on the “Request details” page


  • The user will receive a notification on their account