Here’s a guide with screenshots to show how admins can add, change, or delete spend sub-categories in aio*



  • Log into aio*



  • Tap on the “Company” tab on the bottom right corner of your screen and then tap on “Spending categories”.



  • Under “Spending categories” you will find a number of standard main and subcategories listed including: Travel, Meals etc., Office, Software & IT, and other.

    To add a sub category to a main category, tap on the blue circle with a “+” symbol on it.



  • A dialogue box will appear ask you to type in the name for the subcategory.



  • Tap in the space under the dialogue box text…



  • …and type in the name for your new subcategory.

    Tap “OK” when you are done.



  • The new subcategory will now appear on the list.



  • Any created subcategory can be edited at any time by tapping on the “pencil” icon on the left side of the subcategory name. 



  • Once you have edited the name, press “OK”…



  • …and the changed name will appear in the subcategories list.



  • If you want to delete any of the subcategories then tap on the red circles with the “-” symbol on them.



  • A dialogue box will appear to confirm that you want to delete the subcategory and you can press “OK” to confirm.